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JAV Studio

Starting from Dawn, Japanese Adult Video is Still Going Strong

In Japan, 'adult videos' are distinguished from 'pink films' on the one hand, and 'V-cinema' or original video on the opposite. JAV are targeted on sex, and should not in some cases have a plot line. They are discharged at the start of video review by an adult video commission like river (Nihon Ethics of Video Association) or Eizourin that enforce mosaics over a bush or private parts. Pink films is also involved with sex, however tend to focus additional on a story, and that they are rated by Erin instead of Japanese adult video ethics organization. The thought studio Nikkatsu targeted on pink films through its Roman smut line from 1971 through 1988. V-cinema or foreign terrorist organization conjointly tend to specialize in a story, however sex if presently a smaller amount is central, and that they are discharged on video to be displayed in video stores or rental retailers aboard thought movies. Several V-cinema works are made by video-focused subsidiaries of the massive film studios, e.g. SHV Cinema for Shoko Takahashi. Foreign terrorist organization will be rated by the Erin or Eizourin counting on the content. Too Young When Started Telling EBOD Stories Starting with sexy stories and woodcut prints from before the twentieth century, Japanese creative activity evolved into distinct subcategories with the media that additionally to sexy videos and magazines that include live actors, there are classes of sexy manga (within Japanese comics), sexy PC games (for each laptop and game consoles), and sexy anime (animated depictions of sexual activity). By Japanese law, any lawfully made creative activity should censor the crotch of actors and actresses and up till the mid-1990s thus was the depiction of the bush. Anuses are solely censored at contact or penetration. This sort of IPZ censoring conjointly extends to comics, video games, and anime created for adults. Within the makes an attempt to avoid this sort of censoring (and to cater to specific fetishes), JAV models and producers have featured subject material unseen or seldom portrayed in western creative activity. Bukkake, Gokkun, Omorashi, and tentacle creation are a couple of unambiguously Japanese genres notable to western viewers. Lolicon and its contribution to the contestation relating to the regulation of creative activity depiction minors are a significant issue regarding free speech within and out of doors Japan. Sun Is Brighter for Japanese Adult Video Sector Today, Jewish calendar month may be a large business. However, the sector is very wide-ranging - the pink studios still play an enormous half in it as do a myriad of smaller firms, typically specializing in satisfying additional obscure client tastes. 2 main fields inside Jewish calendar month will but simply are distinguished: Tantai and kikaku. Tantai productions typically come back from the ABP massive firms. Typically using lovely JAV models, they try to be terribly soft and really cute. Kikaku, on the opposite hand, employs many ladies per video, typically four or five of them, and that they are typically neither cute nor well-favored however far more daring in what they might kill front of the camera. These videos tend to explore the kinky aspects of sex and are for the most part created by the smaller firms. Tantai ladies are stars and that they are paid from one million or a pair of million yen upwards per video (about eight, 600 to 17,200 U.S. dollars) - whereas kikaku ladies build one thing like a hundred,000 Yen to two hundred,000 yen per film (about 860 to one,720 North American nation dollars). Still, the 2 designs supplement one another. Several male viewers wish each from ladies... the lovable and also the kinky aspect. JAV Studio List SNIS

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JAV Wiki

JAV Model Profile Download in HD List

JAV HD is No More Future, You are Watching Japanese Erotica in HD Sony discharged its 1st U-Matic video container recorders, providing associate early different to theatrical film. The film needed developing whereas videotape might be via back right once recording. The high value of the U-Matic restricted their use in the main to TV studios and news crews. With their audience being lost to TV and also the importation of Yankee films, Japan's major film studios were troubled to stay their market share. Seeking to draw in a replacement audience, Toei entered the victimization market in 1971 with its "Pinky Violence" series. Takashi Itamochi, president of Nikkatsu, Japan's oldest major film studio, created the choice to place the company's high production values and skilled talent into the adult, or 'pink film' business as the way of attracting a replacement audience. Once Nikkatsu launched its Roman creation series in Nov 1971 with the lodging married person series, these typically superior and inventive softcore sexy films tried fashionable each the general public and also the critics. This introduction of creation into thought Japanese flick theaters has been attributable with saving Nikkatsu from collapse at that point. Nikkatsu made nothing, however 'Roman Porno' films for following seventeen years, emotional a mean of 3 such films a month. You Can Chase but Cannot Reach Heights of Demand 2013 wasn't the most effective year for the domestic Japanese FHD industry. On high of grappling with the triple scourges of piracy, necessary birth control device laws, and warning video disc sales, the creation line additionally had to cope with pricey moratoriums on shooting once four performers tested positive for HIV. Nonetheless, outside the US, the business of mercantilism sex is booming. consistent with a commentary within the Japan Times, the burgeoning Japanese Ab (adult video) business is giving the U.S. creation line a endure its cash, manufacturing a minimum of double as several films because the US will p.a.. Customers in Japan are apparently additional willing to blow additional of their money on FHD and alternative product, with the common shopper payment nearly $157 p.a. on content in 2011. For the sake of comparison, in the U.S. revenue per capita for that year was a meager $47 p.a., partly as a result of the arrival of tube sites have created it easier for customers to access creation for free of charge (one website estimates that solely eighty to ninety p.c of U.S. customers have truly bought porn). Erotic Japanese JAV FHD are Always Single Mouse Click Away
Unlike the adult movie industry within the San Fernando vale, the Japanese creation line is subject to rigorous censorship laws—female and privates parts are needed to be pixilated, for example (urabon, or hardcore Japanese HD that doesn't censor crotch, is technically unlawful, however extraordinarily simple to search out on the Internet). In alternative respects, however, the JAV is comparatively just like that of the United States: as is that the case within the San Fernando vale, Japanese feminine adult performers build extra money than males, and also the average performing artist stays within the business for regarding as long as Yankee performers do (six months, consistent with the low finish of 1 estimate). In fact, the first distinction between the Japanese and Yankee creation industries appears to be mere that the Japanese Ab business has puzzled out a way to get customers to give for his or her content, whereas several U.S. adult production firms, sadly, have not.

Ai Asakura Ai Haneda Ai Hoshimiya Ai Komori Ai Kurosawa Ai Minano Ai Miyaji Ai Naoshima Ai Narita Ai Nikaido Ai Sayama Ai Takeuchi Ai Uehara Ai Yuzuki AIKA Aika Mirei Aika Miura Aimi Komiya Aimi Yoshikawa Aimu Sara Aino Kishi Aino Tsubaki Airi Hinata Airi Kijima Airi Mikami Airi Miyazaki Airi Nakano Airi Sato Airi Suzumura Airu Oshima Aisa Fujii Aisaka Haruna Aise Satoriko Aisha Yuzuki Aizawa Ren Akane Akiba Akane Matsushita Akane Morino Akane Sakura Akari Asahina Akari Hoshino Akari Maijima Akari Matsumoto Akari Misaki Akari Natugawa Aki Sasaki Akie Harada Akiho Yoshizawa Akina Akina Hara Akira Fubuki Akubi Asakara Alice Miyuki Alice Ozawa Amairo Midori Amateur Ameri Ichinose AMI Ami Adachi Ami Aoyama Ami Ayukawa Ami Hyakutake Ami Kurosawa Ami Nishihara Ami Sakurai Ami Shinozaki Ami Tokunaga Amiri Kochi Amu Masaki An Anno An Arisawa An Mashiro An Misora An Mitsuki An Nanairo An Tsujimoto Anje Anji Natsuki Anju Akane Anju Kitakawa Anmi Hasegawa Ann Shinohara Ann Yabuki Anna Anjo Anna Hizaki Anna Mitsui Anna Natsuki Anna Ousaka Anna Shirota Anne Morishita Anri Hoshizaki Anri Kizuki Anri Okita Anri Sonozaki Anri Sugisaki Anzu Aoi Aoi Akane Aoi Kirishima Aoi Matsushima Aoi Mizuki Aoi Nagase Aoi Sano Aoi Yuzuki Aozora Yamakawa Arina Hashimoto Arina Sakita Arisa Aizawa Arisa Fuji Arisa Kawasaki Arisa Kotone Arisa Kuroki Arisa Misato Arisa Sawa Arisa Shindo Arisu Shibutani Asahi Mizuno Asami Nagase Asami Ogawa Asou Rina ASUKA Asuka Hoshino Asuka Takao Aya Hasegawa Aya Hirai Aya Inami Aya Kisaki Aya Matsuki Aya Mikami Aya Misaki Aya Oshima Aya Sakurai Aya Sazanami Aya Shiina Aya Yuzuhara Ayaka Tomoda Ayaka Yamada Ayame Sakurai Ayana Kinoshita Ayane Sakurai Ayu Sakurai Ayumi Kimino Ayumi Mochizuki Ayumi Ohno Ayumi Shinoda Azu Hoshitsuki Azuki Hayasaka AZUMI Azumi Chino Azumi Harusaki Azumi Kinoshita Azusa Akane Azusa Arai Azusa Ishihara Azusa Itagaki Azusa Maki Azusa Nagasawa Azusa Yamaguchi Beni Itou Buruma Aoi Chiharu Fujitsuki Chihiro Aoi Chihiro Mochizuki Chika Arimura Chika Eiro Chika Haruno Chika Kitano China Matsuoka China Nishino Chisa Hoshino Chisato Matsuda Chise Yuki Chitose Hara Chizuru Sakura Chloe Fujisaki Christine Kitajima Ciao Cocomi Naruse Cocomi Sakura Cocoro Nagasaki Dina Katou eco Eichi Hoshikawa Ema Tohno Ema Yuina Emi Asano Emi Goto Emi Harukaze Emi Hoshii Emiri Ikeido Emiri Momoka Emiri Okazaki Emiri Seno Emiru Momose Ena Sakura Eren Fujisaki Erena Minagawa Eri Hosaka Eri Nanahara Eri Ouka Eri Sasaki Erika Kirihara Erika Kitagawa Erika Megu Erika Momotani Erika Nakano Erika Satoh Erika Shibasaki Eriko Miura Erina Erina Fujisaki Erina Kahara Erina Nagasawa Erina Shirase Eririka Katagiri Fujii Shelly Hana Aoyama Hana Haruna Hana Shizuku Hana Yoshida Hara Sarasa Haru Suzuno Haruka Aso Haruka Hoshino Haruka Ichinose Haruka Itoh Haruka Kasumi Haruka Motoyama Haruka Namiki Haruka Nozomi Haruka Sanada Haruka Shimano Haruki Sato Harumi Asano Harumi Tachibana Haruna Hatase Haruna Kawakita Haruna Kawase Hazuki Kamino Hibiki Otsuki Hikari Kisugi Hikaru Ayuhara Hikaru Hinata Hikaru Hoshino Hikaru Houzuki Hikaru Kakitani Hikaru Konno Hikaru Koto Hikaru Shiina Hikaru Takizawa Himari Yuzumoto Himawari Natsuno Himawari Yuzuki Hina Akiyoshi Hina Hanami Hina Kinami Hina Kurumi Hina Maeda Hina Misaki Hinano Akimoto Hinata Tachibana Hino Hikari Hiromi Matsuura Hiromi Sato Hirono Imai Hitomi Ebihara Hitomi Kitagawa Hitomi Oki Hitomi Shiraishi Hitomi Tanaka Homare Momono Honami Uehara Honoka Kato Honoka Mihara Honoka Utajima Honoka Yumesaki Hotaru Yukino Ice Lemon Ichika Ayamori Ichika Kamihata Ichika Kuroki Ichika Sena Iku Sakuragi Io Asuka Iori Kogawa Iroha Natsume Jessica Kizaki JULIA Jun Aizawa Jun Harada Jun Nada Jun Yuikawa Junko Hayama Juri Sakura Kaede Aoi Kaede Fuyutsuki Kaede Imamura Kaede Matsushima Kaera Uehara Kaho Kasumi Kaho Miyazaki Kaho Shibuya Kana Hanaoka Kana Imai Kana Kitayama Kana Miyashita Kana Momonogi Kana Narumiya Kana Ohori Kana Okajima Kana Tsuruta Kana Yume Kana Yuuki Kanade Kitsuki Kanae Jyunna Kanae Seta Kaname Ootori Kanami Aoki Kanami Meri Kanna Misaki Kanna Sakino Kanna Yukishiro Kanon Akiyoshi Kanon Imai Kanon Ohzora KAORI Kaori Saejima Kaori Sakura Karela Ariki Karen Gokure Karen Hazuki Karen Kisaragi Karen Mizusaki Karen Natsuhara Karin Aizawa Karin Kikumi Karin Maizono Karina Nishida Karina Sasaki Kate Kurusu Kazuki Asou Kazusa Yatabe KEI Kei Marimura Kei Megumi Keiko Koguchida Kimika Ichijou Kirara Asuka Kirara Kurokawa Kirara Suzuki Kirari Kirari Hoshina Kirari Hoshizora Kizuna Sakura Koharu Suzuki Koko Aiba Kokoa Aisu Kokoa Himeno Kokoro Maki Komachi Akizuki Konatsu Aozora Konno Minako Kotomi Nagisa Kotone Amamiya KOTONO Kotori Morino Koyuki Hara Kumi Nagano Kurara Horie Kurumi Hinagata Kyoka Mizusawa Kyoko Maeda Kyoko Maki Kyoko Nakano Kyouki Igarashi Lala Hoshino Lemon Momose Lemon Tachibana Liley Lum Nagatsuki Madoka Asamiya Madoka Hinami Madoka Ozawa Maeda Kaori Mahiri Mashida Mahiro Aino Maho Ichikawa Maho Uruya Mai Ayane Mai Hanano Mai Kamio Mai Kawase Mai Mayashita Mai Mizuki Mai Nadasaka Mai Satsuki Mai Shirakawa Mai Shirosaki Mai Tamaki Mai Usami Mai Uzuki Maika Maika Kawanami Maiko Yuki Mairi Mori Maki Houjou Maki Koizumi Maki Mizusawa Maki Motoi Maki Sakura Maki Yukari Makina Kataoka Mako Konno Mako Mizuhara Mako Oda Makoto Shiraishi Makoto Takeuchi Makoto Toda Makoto Yuuki Mami Asada Mami Asakura Mami Fujie Mami Yuuki Mana Asahi Mana Haruka Mana Makihara Mana Sakura Manatsu Yumeka MAO Mao Hamasaki Mao Kurata Mao Sena Mao Tsukina Mari Kobayashi Mari Kuri Maria Aine Maria Eriyori Maria Ozawa Maria Sasaki Maria Yumeno Marie Shiraishi Marika Marimi Natsuzaki Marin Natsukaze Marina Muranishi Marina Shiraishi Masami Ichikawa Matsuri Kiritani Mau Morikawa Maya Hashimoto Maya Kouduki Mayu Kamiya Mayu Kawamura Mayu Minami Mayu Nozomi Mayu Sato Mayu Satomi Mayu Suzuki Mayu Temba Mayu Yuuki Mayuka Akimoto Megu Fujiura Mei Aso Mei Hayama Mei Itoya Mei Iwasa Mei Kago Mei Kazama Mei Matsumoto Mei Miura Mei Natsuki Mei Sasaki Meisa Chibana Meisa Hanai Meru Ayase Mia Asakura Mia Shiozaki Michiru Morisaki Michiru Ogawa Midori Mizuno Miharu Usa Mihiro Miho Imamura Miho Kanda Mihono Sakaguchi Miina Arimura Miina Minamoto Miina Yoshi Mika Kawai Mika Kayama Mika Osawa Mika Utada Mikan Kururugi Miki Ishihara Miki Ito Miki Nonohara Miki Shibuya Miki Sunohara Miko Hanyu Miko Hinamori Mikoto Tsukasa Miku Abeno Miku Airi Miku Akari Miku Aoyama Miku Asaoka Miku Hasegawa Miku Hayama Miku Kohinata Miku Mikuru Miku Natsukawa Miku Ohashi Miku Tamaru Mikuni Maisaki Mikuriya Aoi Mikuru Shiina Mimi Saotome Mina Mashiro Mina Ogawa Minako Komukai Minami Aizawa Minami Ayase Minami Hatsukawa Minami Kojima Minami Manaka Minami Natsuki Minami Ooshima Minami Shiraishi Minami Yoshizawa Minori Hatsune Minori Kotani Mio Mio Kamio Mio Kuraki Mio Ozaki Mio Ozora Mio Shirose Mion Sonoda Miori Miori Matsushita Mira Tamana Mirai Momozono Mirai Suzuki Mirano Kisaragi Mirei Yokoyama Miri Mizuki Miri Yaguchi Misa Ando Misa Kudo Misa Makise Misa Sato Misa Shinozaki Misaki Honda Misaki Shiraishi Misaki Tsubasa Misuzu Kawana Misuzu Nakagawa Misuzu Ono Misuzu Tachibana Miu Aikawa Miu Asao Miu Fujisawa Miu Suzuha Miwa Yoshizawa Miwako Yamamoto MIYABI Miyu Asaoka Miyu Hoshino Miyu Misaki Miyu Nagino Miyu Okura Miyuki Yokoyama Miyuu Aino Mizuho Uehara Mizuki Sena Moa Erina Moa Hoshizora Moe Amatsuka Moe Izumi Momo Ogura Momoka Kanou Momoka Kirishima Momoka Matsushita Momoka Nishina Momoka Ogawa Momoka Sakai Momoka Sakura Mona Asamiya Mona Takei Monica Hasegawa Mori Haruna Nagisa Tsukamoto Nami Hoshino Nami Minami Nana Aida Nana Ayano Nana Fukada Nana Hoshizawa Nana Itoh Nana Kiyozuka Nana Konishi Nana Matsumoto Nana Morikawa Nana Nanaumi Nana Natsume Nana Ninomiya Nana Ogura Nana Otone Nana Saeki Nana Tomono Nana Usami Nanaha Nanako Hirai Nanako Mizukawa Nanako Mori Nanami Hayama Nanami Kawakami Nanami Sakura Nanase Kitagawa Nao Ayukawa Nao Fujimoto Nao Mizuki Nao Shirama Nao Tachibana Nao Tanaka Nao Wakana Nao Yoshizaki nao. NAOMI Narumi Ayase Naruri Tachiba Natsu Aoi Natsu Kimio Natsuki Abe Natsuki Kitagawa Natsuko Mishima Natsumi Natsumi Shiraishi Nazuna Otoi Nei Minami Nene Chiba Nene Sakura Nina Noa Noa Hibari Noa Ichihana Noa Kasumi Noa Mizuki Non Suzumiya Non Yazawa Nono Mizusawa Nonoka Komiya Nonoka Momose Nozomi Ansaki Nozomi Aso Nozomi Hara Nozomi Hazuki Nozomi Hinata Nozomi Kashiwagi Nozomi Kitano Nozomi Momoki Nozomi Nishiyama Nozomi Ohishi Nozomi Osawa Nozomi Sakai Nozomi Yuikawa Otoha Nanase Pine Shizuku Raina Ran Niiyama Ran Usagi Ray Ray Aoi Rei Aimi Rei Aoki Rei Itoh Rei Mizuna Rei Nakazawa Reia Miyasaka Reia Mizuki Reiko Kobayakawa Reiko Kudou Reiko Sawamura Reina Aizawa Reina Fujii Reina Matsushima Reina Yuki Reira Aisaki Reira Amane Ren Aizawa Ren Ayase Ren Azumi Ren Bitoh Ren Yoshikawa Rena Sasaki Reon Otowa REONA Ria Asagi Ria Horisaki Ria Kotone Ria Mizuki Ria Sakuragi Rico Aoki Rico Yamaguchi Rie Takimoto Riho Agawa Riho Hasegawa Riho Sasakawa Rika Asao Rika Ayane Rika Hoshimi Rika Miyashita Rika Sugisaki Riko Adachi Riko Honda Riko Mizusawa Riko Shimazaki Riku Minato Riku Suzushiro Riku Yamaguchi Rimu Sasahara Rin Amane Rin Asuka Rin Fujisawa Rin Momoka Rin Ogawa Rin Sakuragi Rin Shiraishi Rin Tsuchiya Rin Yamagishi Rina Aizawa Rina Ishihara Rina Ito Rina Kato Rina Mashiro Rina Misuzu Rina Nishihara Rina Ozakawa Rina Rukawa Rina Ueno Rinka Aiuchi Rino Kirishima Rino Nakamura Rino Nanase Rino Okina Rinoa Sasaki Rinon Miyazaki Rio Fujisaki Rio Hamasaki Rio Ogawa Rio Sakura Rion Hatsumi Rion Tsubasa Riona Kamijo Riona Kinosaki Riona Minami Riona Suzune Riona Yuuki Riri Kuribayashi Riria Sakaki Ririka Ezaki Risa Coda Risa Hitomi Risa Kasumi Risa Misaki Risa Mizuki Risa Onodera Risa Shiina Risa Shimizu Risa Tachibana Risa Tsukino Roa Sumikawa Rola Aoyama Rola Takizawa Rua Natsuki Rui Hasegawa Rui Hiduki Rui Saotome Rui Tsukimoto Ruka Kanae Rumi Kanda RUMIKA Runa Hinata Runa Itoh Runa Kanda Runa Mochizuki Runa Nishichi Runa Takai Rune Nishida Rune Tsukishiro Ruri Ena Ruri Nanasawa Ruri Narumiya Ruri Saijou Rurika Kagawa Ruru Amakawa Ruru Anoa Ryo Hitomi Ryo Sena Ryo Shinohara Ryo Takamiya Ryoka Yuzuki Ryoko Mitake Ryoko Murakami Ryoko Natsume Ryou Hoshi Ryou Kanami RYU Saaya Minami Sachika Manabe Sae Aihara Saeka Hinata Saeko Matsushita Saki Ayano Saki Hatsumi Saki Kouzai Saki Kozakura Saki Mishima Saki Ninomiya Saki Okuda Saki Otsuka Saki Yano Saki Yuzumoto Sakura Aida Sakura Horikita Sakura Subaru SALLY SANA Sana Imanaga Sana Mizuhara Sanae Asou Saori Saori Hara Saori Kamiya Saori Yagami Sara Serizawa SARAH Sari Kawai Sarii Aihara Sarina Ono Saryu Usui Sasa Handa Satomi Ishigami Satomi Kobayashi Satomi Sakai Satomi Suzuki Sawa Nakazato Saya Niiyama Saya Tachibana Saya Yukimi Sayaka Aida Sayaka Aoyama Sayaka Fukuyama Sayaka Miyabi Sayaka Otonashi Sayo Takechi Sayuki Kanno Sayuki Suzune Sayuri Honjou Seino Nishino Seira Mizushiro Seira Moroboshi Seisa Izumi Seko Asahi Sena Minami Sena Nagakura Serina Hayakawa Sesera Harukawa Shelby Wakatsuki Shiho Shiho Egami Shiho Mukai Shino Kuraki Shino Megumi Shinobu Kasagi Shion Utsunomiya (RION) Shiori Aiuchi Shiori Ayase Shiori Hazuki Shiori Inamori Shiori Kamisaki Shiori Kasahara Shiori Nishino Shiori Tachibana Shiori Tokunaga Shiori Tsukimi Shiori Yamate Shizuka Himesaki Shizuku Memori Shoko Takahashi Shou Nishino Shouko Akiyama Shuzuku Natsuki Sophia Kurasuno Sophia Nikaidou Sora Aoi Sora Shiina Sumire Matsu Suzu Harumiya Suzu Mitake Suzu Miyazawa Suzu Takachiho Suzuka Ishikawa Suzuka Morikawa Suzuno Igawa Syunka Ayami Takako Kitahara Tia Tiara Ayase Tina Yuzuki (Rio) Tomoka Asagi Tomoka Minami Tomoka Sakurai Tomomi Hiragi Tomomi Kanno Tomomi Motozawa Towa Aragaki Tsubasa Tsubasa Aihara Tsubasa Amami Tsubasa Ayana Tsubasa Kinami Tsubomi Tsugumi Serizawa Tsukasa Aoi Tsukasa Mizuno Tsukasa Narita Uno Tsugumi Urara Sakita Urumi Narumi Urumi Yurisaki Uta Kohaku Uto Sachino Various JAVModels Wakaba Onoue Wakana Himari Wakana Kinoshita Yaya Kouzuki Yu Aiku Yu Haruka Yu Konishi Yu Namiki Yu Shinosaki Yu Shiraishi Yua Aida Yua Ariga Yua Kisaki Yua Kuramochi Yua Mikami Yua Sakuya Yua Yoshikawa YUI Yui Akane Yui Aoba Yui Azuchi Yui Azusa Yui Fujishima Yui Hanata Yui Hasebe Yui Hatano Yui Hinata Yui Hiratsuka Yui Hoshino Yui Kasuga Yui Kasumi Yui Kimikawa Yui Muzuna Yui Nishikawa Yui Oba Yui Sasaki Yui Serizawa Yui Takamiya Yui Tatsumi Yui Tsubaki Yui Uehara Yui Yamashita Yuika Okita Yuika Seno Yuka Aoba Yuka Hodaka Yuka Minase Yuki Fuwari Yuki Hikaru Yuki Hodaka Yuki Jin Yuki Maehara Yuki Mizuho Yuki Natsume Yuki Ooe Yuki Tanihara Yuki Yoshizawa Yuki Yurika Yukiko Suo Yukina Yukina Momota Yukina Saeki Yukina Shiraishi Yukine Sakuragi Yuma Asami Yuma Koda

Kurumi Hinagata

rola takizawa

emiri okazaki

Yua Mikami

Shion Utsunomiya

kirara asuka

an tsujimoto

Ai Yuzuki

erika momotani

iori kogawa

tsubasa amami

akiho yoshizawa

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